Tibco Works with Cisco to Support Application-Oriented Networking

Tibco Software is working with Cisco Systems to extend Tibco’s real-time enterprise backbone for service-oriented architecture (SOA) to the network and enhance visibility and security through the integration with Cisco Application-Oriented Networking (AON). A new Cisco technology, AON enables the network to support intelligent decisions based on business policies and application needs by integrating message-level routing and communication, visibility, and security into the fabric of network. Tibco and Cisco have integrated AON with Tibco Enterprise Message ServiceT, a standards-based enterprise messaging platform that brings together different IT assets and communications technologies on a common enterprise backbone to manage the real-time flow of information. “As we developed the AON solution, it was a natural fit for Cisco to collaborate with Tibco to provide improved real-time visibility and responsiveness to rapidly changing business conditions,” said Taf Anthias, general manager and vice president of engineering, Application-Oriented Networking, Cisco Systems.


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