Sophis Launches Risque Version 5.0

Sophis has released an updated version of its Risque solution, the firm’s platform for sell-side institutions. The 5.0 version features enhanced data management, valuation and analysis capabilities across credit, foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives. In addition, the solution’s commodities module now handles physical and futures trades in oil, gas, metals and soft commodities, plus VaR calculations. “Investment banks cannot afford to maintain asset-based silos as the market for hybrid trades and structured products continues to gather pace. At a time when they are being judged increasingly on their financial engineering capabilities, investment banks need systems that can model and price structured products quickly to maintain competitive advantage. This is why Sophis has invested heavily in a programme of continued development across all asset classes,” says Hervé Vinciguerra, Chairman, Sophis. The new functionality included in v5.0 enables users to develop and trade a wider variety of instruments across asset classes, with particular focus on supporting cross-asset needs that have increased due to the growing market for complex derivatives based on a range of underlying instruments.


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