Gemplus Paves the way for Future Java Card Platform

Gemplus International has announced a new prototype for its future generation of Java CardTM products. This latest innovation responds to an industry-wide need for a multi-featured micro-application server platform that will benefit from new smart card hardware evolutions. In a joint presentation with Sun Microsystems where the latter outlined its ongoing efforts for future Java Card evolutions, Gemplus presented a prototype that is positioned as a major step targeting 2008 and beyond. This prototype will enable end-users to access and manage private data from their web browser. In addition, the card issuer will be able to remotely manage the card through the network, which will be useful for updates in applications, data and even in removing redundant applications. Also, client applications residing on the desktop will be able to access the services offered by the card and conversely, the card will be able to initiate a remote dialogue with an application anywhere on the network. This prototype has been designed for use in all market sectors, from identity and security, government applications, financial services and mobile communications.


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