Expertus Launches Toolkit for SWIFTNet FileAct

Expertus, a Swift service and solution partner, has announced the launch of Monetis Toolkit for SWIFTNet FileAct. With the growing popularity of SWIFTNet FileAct in the banking industry as well as in the corporate world, a need for a simple and effective management method has been clearly identified by early adopters. SWIFTNet FileAct can be used to transfer multiple types of files such as bulk payments, direct debits and check images. FileAct offers the flexibility and effectiveness of Internet file transfers with a high level of security and resiliency. Monetis Toolkit for SWIFTNet FileAct is a set of management utilities that simplifies the operations of file transfers over the Swift network, and enables the integration of FileAct into the regular flow of business documents. According to Jacques Leblanc, president of Expertus: “With the SWIFTNet migration behind us, it is time to leverage those investments. By using solutions like FileAct and Monetis Toolkit for SWIFTNet FileAct, Swift members can increase their level of STP while reducing their communications costs.” Expertus assists banks and multi-national corporations to collaborate effectively in the area of real-time payments and cash management.


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