ADP Wilco Launches Matching Solution for German Securities

Automatic Data Processing, a subsidiary of ADP Wilco, has announced the availability of Schlussnoten matching application that interfaces with the German exchanges’ trade processing systems (Xontro) and automates the reconciliation and matching of trades executed on the various German exchanges and on Xetra. In particular it caters for the unique German floor-specific processing, such as delayed executions (known as Aufgaben and Weitergaben), the resulting chaining and many-to-many relationships between the internal and external representations of the trade. It provides the operations department with an early, concise and clear view of unreconciled trades with the market. The Schlussnoten matching application integrates with ADP Wilco’s clearing and back office applications to provide a single ADP solution for both international settlement and domestic processing. This development is part of ADP Wilco’s ongoing commitment to the German marketplace and complements its well-established services for tax processing, regulatory reporting, WM Daten and SWIFT bureau processing.


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