Trayport Connects with International Petroleum Exchange

International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) has integrated with Trayport, enabling users to view, post, monitor and trade IPE prices via Trayport’s GlobalVision Trading Gateway (GV TG). Trayport and the IPE entered into an ISV partnership to extend access to the exchanges futures contracts via Trayport’s GV TG. Its solution, serving as the de-facto standard trading platform for commodities (OTC and exchange-traded futures), will enable authorised traders to interact directly with the IPE alongside other electronic commodity marketplaces. Available globally from June 2005, users of Trayport’s platform will benefit from this integration of tradable IPE prices, enabling a more comprehensive view of multiple commodity markets. The exchange will get more order flow for its benchmark Brent contracts as well as support for its new gas, power and European Climate Exchange (ECX) contracts.


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