SWT and Credica Announce Strategic Partnership

SWT and Credica have announced a strategic partnership. SWT’s b-Wize software can process all paper documents received by a company, including invoices, delivery notes, cheques and unstructured or handwritten documents, and transform them into valuable information that can be delivered to appropriate users. All captured documents and extracted data can be made available to Credica FQM modules, as well as to ERP, CRM, accounts receivable, accounts payable and document management systems. Credica FQM enables credit control departments to target the highest priority debts and provide them with all the information needed to effectively collect cash; i.e. detail on all outstanding invoices, previous notes, promises to pay, call history and reasons for non-payment. The structured process will ensure that each customer is chased at the right time and in the most effective manner. All activities are recorded and available for analysis.


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