Biometric Security on Bacstel-IP

Rapidata Services, the Bacs approved bureau for direct debit processing, has become the first company to deploy biometric security controls as part of its payment file submission procedure to Bacs. Using EigerPAY Gateway, the Bacstel-IP submission software, Rapidata authorises users through the use of a highly secure, biometric finger scan device. This technology is in addition to the standard requirements of a password and user name to access the Bacstel-IP platform. Bacs is currently in the process of migrating all its users to a new payment platform known as Bacstel-IP which is scheduled to replace the existing Bacstel service by 31 December 2005. One of the key benefits of the new system is that it has been designed to accommodate a significant increase in the level of security available to users. Primarily this will ensure that the submission of payment files can be conducted in a secure environment, increasing flexibility by enabling more processes to be automated and minimising human intervention to reduce the risk of fraud.


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