Voca Selects Cyber-Ark Password Product

Voca, formerly Bacs, the electronic payments engine for the UK economy, has deployed digital vaulting technology from Cyber-Ark for secure password management. Voca selected Cyber-Ark’s Network Vault to store, share and centrally manage its administrative passwords for its hundreds of servers and switches that run business operations for the whole of Voca, operating around the clock. With the introduction of a new payment processing channel, Bacstel-IP, running back to back with the old system, as well as relocating its head office and processing centre, Voca had outgrown its paper-based password management system and needed to replace it with an automated and secure digital system. Like many financial institutions Voca had used physical safes to store over 800 administrative passwords, relying on a team of people to authorise, track and administer the passwords. Following a trial, Voca’s Business Continuity and Security Assurance team rolled out Cyber-Ark’s Network Vault in January 2005.


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