JPMorgan Launches Intraday Sweeping From Notional Pools

JPMorgan Treasury Services has launched an automated intraday investment sweeping service. The service moves surplus liquidity from notional cash pools to an investment vehicle such as a money market fund (MMF), enabling corporates to benefit from higher yield without the need to actively manage the pool. By combining notional pooling with automated investment sweeping, corporates can enhance returns on their surplus funds without needing to physically concentrate cash. The service can be configured to suit the treasurer’s liquidity management strategy, leaving either a net zero or target balance in the pool. JPMorgan manages the entire process automatically on the corporate’s behalf. St. John Potter, liquidity and investment manager at JPMorgan Treasury Services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said: “Centralised treasuries that consolidate liquidity are increasingly the norm. Automated sweeping from notional pools enables corporates to ensure liquidity is continually maximized.”


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