Fidessa Adds CSFB to Order Routing Network

Global bank Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) has come to an agreement with royalblue, the provider of Fidessa, to add CSFB’s non-member trading facilities to Fidessa’s global connectivity network. Key to CSFB’s offering through Fidessa is the investment bank’s Advanced Execution Services (AES) system. AES is the industry’s leading algorithmic trading system using both historical and real-time data to assess trading conditions. CSFB will join Fidessa’s multi-broker order routing network as a destination offering execution services for their clients in equity markets around the globe. AES enables the automation of a large proportion of order flow, thus allowing traders to focus on more complicated trades. Clients can access AES electronically with full trading anonymity. AES provides access to a number of algorithmic trading strategies that will allow Fidessa clients to achieve specific goals, such as minimising market impact or tracking defined benchmarks. In addition, CSFB will offer support for managed orders to be worked by the broker in the market for clients, and Direct Market Access (DMA) trading.


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