Emagia Launches Cash Inflow Manager Version 5.0

Emagia Corporation has made available version 5.0 of its flagship product, Emagia Cash Inflow Manager. With Emagia Cash Inflow Manager 5.0, enterprises can manage revenue risks from the moment of initiating commercial transactions with a customer to assuring revenue recognition with innovative collections and payment automation. “The release of Emagia Cash Inflow Manager 5.0 sets new standards for the automation of cash flow cycle from receivables and demonstrates our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that continuously drive working capital management to higher levels,” said Veena Gundavelli, chief executive officer of Emagia Corporation. Emagia Cash Inflow Manager 5.0 uses a fully integrated customer-to-cash platform and is available in a Software-As-A-Service model, according to the company.


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