Korean Electronics Group Selects AvantGard Quantum

LG Electronics (LGE), a global provider of electronics, information and communications products based in Korea, has selected SunGard’s AvantGard-Quantum to manage its global treasury operations and the treasury operations of its 74 subsidiary companies across the globe. In seeking a treasury solution, LGE required a system that would provide core treasury functionality for its global operations including cash management and multi-currency capabilities. Mr. Byeong Il, Min, Manager of LGE’s International Finance Group, said: “Our vision at LGE is to consolidate our treasury operations and maintain Korea as our central operation with key regional treasury centres across the globe. These regional centres will be responsible for the treasury operations of our subsidiary companies in each region. This centralized structure will help improve our operational efficiencies and procedures, and reduce costs. Through the implementation of AvantGard we now have the capability to achieve this.”


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