Reval Announces Release of HedgeRxTM 4.2

Reval has released version 4.2 of HedgeRxTM. Its features include derivative instruments, an expanded range of independent valuations and the IAS 39 Doctor, a documentation tool for compliance with derivative reporting requirements under international financial reporting standards (IFRS). HedgeRx offers new coverage and independent valuations of instruments ranging from Mexican TIEE to Singapore dollar interest rate swaps. “We’re already live with IAS 39 with European clients and continue to add features at the advice of the big four accounting firms and their clients” says Philip Pettinato, COO of Reval. “Our IAS 39 Doctor is another example of how we make it easier to understand and comply with new regulatory requirements.” The IAS 39 Doctor allows companies to understand the accounting effect of hedging strategies and provides the at-inception documentation required under the standard.


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