Dresdner Selects SunGard for SWIFTNet Messaging

Dresdner Bank, a part of the Allianz Group, has chosen SunGard’s MINT product to centrally process the group’s global messaging traffic and to provide a consolidated operations solution for its upgrade to SWIFTNet. According to SunGard Business Integration, an operating group of SunGard, Dresdner Bank needed a financial messaging solution with high performance and scalability in order to process large numbers of messages per day. The ability to consolidate network operations for multiple SWIFTNet application services such as FIN, generic FileAct/ InterAct, CREST, FIX, Euroclear and Clearstream was also needed. With the mandatory change from X.25 to IP in the SWIFT Network, Dresdner Bank, like all other SWIFT member banks, is obliged to upgrade to the forthcoming messaging standards by the end of 2004.


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