US Clearing House Launches Online Adjustments

SVPCO-Check Services, the US national check processing business of The Clearing House Payments Company, has launched SVPCO Online Adjustments, the successor to SVPCO’s EDIBANX online adjustments platform. SVPCO Online Adjustments, a web-based application, digitizes the adjustments process, allowing institutions to expedite the reconciling of exceptions. In another venture, VECTORsgi, a leading provider of transaction processing solutions, has developed software for SVPCO’s Gateway DTA (Distributed Traffic Agent). The Gateway DTA will provide an additional access alternative to make it economically possible for regional and smaller depository financial institutions to send image exchange files through the SVPCO network. This is an expansion of the relationship between the two organizations, which began when VECTORsgi was selected to develop the DTA for national financial institutions and service bureaus to access the national image exchange network.


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