Cable & Wireless’s Real Time Nostro Service Links to SWIFTNet

Cable & Wireless has launched its own unique SWIFT operating code for its Real Time Nostro (RTN) service. This code means that banks will now be able to provide data into the RTN hub and users will be able to source their consolidated reports over SWIFTNet using a single SWIFT address. This highlights the importance of SWIFTNet cash reporting and is a clear indication of the requirement for real time information in this area. Alister Hoad, programme director, financial services, Cable & Wireless, said, ‘The approval from SWIFT for Cable & Wireless to be connected to SWIFTNet is an important development in driving both cash reporting standards and utilising SWIFTNet as the preferred mechanism to deliver information into the RTN hub. Such a development underlines the industry momentum behind real-time cash reporting and the position it has as a key industry initiative.’


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