SoftSolutions! and Iris Financial Launch Integrated Fixed Income System

Iris Financial, a provider of trading and risk management systems, and SoftSolutions! have launched an integrated version of two of their products – Iris Financial’s Fixed Income Front Office and SoftSolutions!’s XTrade!Square market gateway software. The new system offers all the facilities required to operate in the fixed income market: trade capture; pricing and risk; quote management; and maintained connectivity with sources of liquidity. Iris Financial’s Fixed Income Front Office is built on the CSA platform, which provides high-performance, connected trading and financial management systems. This technology is currently being used to integrate SoftSolutions!’s widely used XTrade!Square software into a single system. Michael Laven, CEO at Iris Financial says: ‘Fixed income traders require a complete system that is always connected to all markets, in one package, so that they may benefit from the diverse number of exchanges in existence today.


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