BrokerTalk Provides Access to Flow Information for Fixed Income Markets

A group of investment bankers, fixed-income traders and asset managers has launched a product that will deliver information on key trading activities that drive the price action in the fixed-income markets. The system, BrokerTalk, will be available over the internet. It will provide news about which type of participants are active, the size of deals, as well as economic analysis and the reporting of any rumours, and their subsequent verification or denial, that are influencing prices. According to David Fuller, the managing director of BrokerTalk, the service will be different to other sources of information in several ways. ‘[BrokerTalk] has been founded and is backed by leading market participants who are all committed to generating feedback about the market. The company’s staff are all experienced market professionals and they know how to filter out any of the more dubious information that is passed on. If they are unsure about the accuracy of information, they can easily check it out by contacting other market participants.’


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