Caplin Provides Real-time Pricing for RBS FX Portal

The financial markets division of The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has adopted Caplin’s technology to provide real-time connectivity for its FXstream foreign exchange portal. The RBS FXstream offering was upgraded to the Caplin Liberator platform and has been live since February 2004. A single Liberator server is capable of delivering 1.25 million user updates a second and can serve over 10,000 concurrent users. Caplin’s technology connects over 100 institutional customers to RBS’s trading system, allowing them to deal in real time. Paul Caplin, the software company’s CEO, said: ‘As FX portals grow in functionality and number of users, the real-time web architecture on which they are built often begins to struggle. Financial institutions are increasingly looking to us to take the strain. Our technology is built for the high-intensity user, so working with a high-end liquidity provider such as RBS was an ideal project for us.’


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