JPMorgan Treasury Services Launches Internet-Based Payables Discounting Service

JPMorgan Treasury Services (TS) has launched an Internet-based payables discounting service for corporate clients. JPMorgan’s payables discounting programme will provide buyers and suppliers with a mechanism to access enhanced value from supply chain financing. The organisation has also announced an enhancement to its Image Lockbox Cost/Benefit Calculator, a consultative tool that allows clients to estimate the specific benefits of moving to image lockbox services. The calculator now takes customers through a series of questions related to their paper accounts receivables operation, and with the help of a sales officer, highlights the net savings they would receive should they convert to the Nationwide Image Lockbox Network. Separately, JPMorgan TS has developed an end-to-end Accounts Receivables Conversion (ARC) solution with Regulus, a document and remittance processing company. This solution draws upon Regulus’ experience in lockbox services and transaction processing, and according to the organisation, offers clients a comprehensive solution to handle ARC processing.


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