Sterling Partners With LogicaCMG to Provide Fileact Solutions

Members of the SWIFT financial services community will soon be able to send messages over the SWIFTNet network, via the newly available FileAct service developed by LogicaCMG and Sterling Commerce. The new solution will enable financial institutions to selectively route messages to remote parties through the familiar FIN or the new FileAct service, to single or multiple destinations. Information such as low value payments, reconciliation data and reporting can be sent via FileAct. Data latency for message delivery can be controlled by the user, however messages requiring immediate delivery can still be sent over the network in real time, according to Sterling. Separately, Sterling has announced the availability of Connect:Direct Version 2.0 for SWIFTNet. The new version offers customers a deployment choice based on security policies by allowing users to run locally on the SWIFTAlliance Gateway or communicate through the SWIFT Remote Adapter (RA) interface from behind their company firewall.


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