Integration Remains Elusive Goal Claims Report

Front to back office integration remains a formidable challenge for many organisations, according to a survey commissioned by Trema. The results of the survey found that less than 40 per cent of asset managers have fully integrated solutions, despite more than 60 per cent identifying these as desirable. Nearly half of all respondents considered reduction of operational risk and automation of trades to be important areas for development. Despite this, when asked if they were considering outsourcing, two thirds of companies replied that it wasn’t something they were exploring. Investment analysis emerged as a key issue throughout the survey’s findings, with 59 per cent of respondents indicating that improving investment analysis and decision-making were considerable or crucial drivers of their business. Within the investment analysis sector, risk management and analysis was seen as the priority by most. Commenting on the findings, Roy Williamson, Global Sales Director at Trema said: ‘It is interesting to note that, while the reduction of operational risk and cost was important to the majority of the organizations surveyed, few plan to address these issues by outsourcing them. Nearly two thirds of the asset managers surveyed intend to employ integrated in-house systems.’


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