IBM Signs Contract with SuperDerivatives

IBM has signed a multi-license contract with SuperDerivatives, the benchmark pricing system for currency options. The company will roll out SuperDerivatives to its treasury team at its headquarters in Armonk, New York. ‘For the last four years, IBM Treasury has been on the path to build a bank-like structure with regards to systems, disaster recovery, skill set and software engines to properly price the risk management instruments we apply in our hedging programs. Adding SuperDerivatives will improve the way we discover what the right price for an option or option structure is,’ said Cassio Calil, Assistant Treasurer of IBM. ‘This transparency not only has the potential to save us money, but it also allows us to design, analyze and consider more efficient strategies without having to spend a large amount of time talking to our option providers,’ he added. Other corporate customers include Ford And Alcatel.


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