German LBBW Implements Reuters Equity Platform

Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (LBBW) has signed a contract with Reuters to implement its equity and equity derivatives trading tool for use in 40 terminals across its sales, execution and proprietary trading divisions. The platform, Reuters Order Management for Exchange Execution (ROMEX), builds on the bank’s use of Reuters 3000 Xtra and its risk solution, Kondor+. LBBW will install ROMEX in several stages, starting in the fourth quarter of this year. Initially, ROMEX will be set up for trading equities and derivatives on Xetra and EUREX. ROMEX will map the internal order and workflow as well as the efficient electronic link-up with customers per ROR (Reuters Order Routing Service) and FIX (Financial Exchange Protocol). The ROMEX solution can be expanded to accommodate LBBW’s future growth plans as it increases its international business, connecting to additional stock exchanges or linking up with international trading partners.


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