Patsystems Trading Simulator Aims to Eliminate Costly Mistakes

In an attempt to widen the appeal of its J-Trader front-end, Patsystems has launched a new trading simulator, J-Simulator. The training tool will teach users how to master J-Trader but without any of the risks of live trading. J-Simulator functions in the same manner as J-Trader, except that all orders are both directed to and matched by the Patsystems Matching Engine (PME), rather than being sent to a real exchange. The full functionality of J-Trader is available, but the system is configured so that live (or delayed) prices are used. Users may keep positions overnight, see real-time profit and loss on their open positions, and paper trade against real market price movements. The product is being rolled out to Patsystems’ customers, who will re-brand it and distribute it to end-users.


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