LIBA Denies Basel II ‘Watering Down’ Claim

The London Investment Banking Association (LIBA) has strenuously denied reports in the Financial Times that it is seeking to ‘water down’ the Basel II accord. LIBA responded by pointing out that its requests are intended to remove uncertainty and ensure the Accord remains ‘unambiguously clear’. In their report: ‘BBA/LIBA response to the Third Consultative Document on a New Basel Capital Accord’, the organisations claim that, ‘The new Accord is unduly complex and will be difficult for our members to implement and for national regulators, even in the G10, to supervise. The cost of compliance, for firms and supervisors will be high, and we question whether sufficient resources will be available within the supervisory bodies to ensure consistent application, across and within jurisdictions.’ Both the BBA and LIBA have requested the Accord place greater emphasis on allowing banks more freedom to establish their own capital needs and move away from what is increasingly being perceived as a prescriptive approach.


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