New OMS Targets Mid-Sized Dealers

SolutionForge has launched FIX.NET Trader, an Order Management System targeted at small to medium-sized sell-side firms. FIX.NET Trader supports the full electronic trading cycle, enabling users to manage incoming order flow, communicate execution and order status information to trading counterparties via FIX messages. Users can transmit targeted Indication of Interest (IOI) messages via a tiering functionality, communicating IOIs to counterparties in a staggered manner defined by customer relationships. Steve Wilkinson, founder and CEO, SolutionForge commented: ‘The development of FIX.NET Trader has been driven by demand from smaller sell-side firms to enable trade execution with their buy-side partners via FIX messages.’ The company cited the fact that FIX.NET Trader has been built entirely in C# using the Microsoft .NET framework, as a clear selling point, noting that it allows easy integration into back office systems and interoperability with other standards-based systems.


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