Trema Launches Front Office Pricing Module; Centralizes Deutsche Post Treasury

Trema has launched Pricing KIT, its new front office pricing module. Pricing KIT gives Trema Finance KIT users access to the price of any financial instrument handled by Finance KIT and also enables users to make comparisons of market quotes. Two multinational corporates have already purchased the module. Price KIT uses existing pricing functionality and was developed using its object-oriented application programming interface (API), comKIT. According to the organisation, Pricing KIT allows front office users to benefit from a selection of flexible screens capable of displaying large amounts of different information at the same time. In an unrelated move, Deutsche Post World Net has implemented Trema Finance KIT to centralize its treasury operations. Trema Finance KIT replaces the predominantly spreadsheet-based systems Deutsche Post was using previously and integrates the disparate systems within its treasury. Deutsche Post World Net is also implementing Trema’s web solutions, Trema Transaction HUB and Finance eKIT which extend STP beyond the central treasury, banks’ on-line dealing platforms and global subsidiaries of Deutsche Post.


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