Amega Merges With ABC; Provides Credit Services for NYMCA

The ABC Companies has announced the merger of its two receivable management subsidiaries, American Bureau of Collections (ABC) and Amega Group, forming ABC-Amega Inc. ABC-Amega’s modular services provide a menu of cash management strategies, which according to ABC Companies, enables clients to improve effectiveness, increase efficiency and gain better control of the credit-to-cash process. In an unrelated move, the New York Media Credit Association (NYMCA) has selected Amega Group’s Credit Information Division to provide credit group services for its members. NYMCA is an credit association for media credit professionals with members over 30 organizations from major media including cable television, network television, sports and news cable TV, and radio. Amega will manage and organize credit information submitted by NYMCA members through its Internet interchange system, which allows members to submit or retrieve information on a 24/7/365 basis. It will also facilitate meetings by acting as recording secretary and administrating account clearances.


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