Survey Reveals Three-Year Low For Investment Sentiment

According to JPMorgan Fleming’s third Investor Confidence Survey, investment sentiment in the UK remains at one of its lowest points in three years. The survey noted that 47 per cent of investors believe the stock market will be lower in six months time. This is slightly down on the 53 per cent recorded in the previous month. Just 21 per cent are confident that the market will have recovered in six months time. A third of those questioned are undecided about what the future holds. Peter Brewster, Head of Market Research at JPMorgan Fleming, commented on the findings: ‘We have seen a clear drop in investor confidence since March 2002 as investors react to terrorism, fears of war and the general slowdown of the world economy. Apart from this year, confidence has tended to peak in the lead up to the end of an ISA season. This may, in the past, have been because it’s at this time of the year that people take more interest in the stock market.’


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