Derivative Accounting Law Compliance ‘Not Universal’

Compliance with internationally-mandated accounting standards, requiring mark-to-market tracking of interest-rate derivatives value, remains widely divergent, according to a study conducted by Greenwich Associates. The report found near-total uptake in some markets and well under half in others. While the United States is at full compliance when it comes to U.S. Financial Accounting Standard 133, better known as FAS 133, its international equivalent, IAS 39, is less commonly practiced. While 89 per cent of Japanese institutions told Greenwich Associates they are in line with IAS 39, only 36 per cent of continental European institutions say the same. FAS 133 became mandatory in June 2000, while IAS 39 will take effect in Europe in 2005. The United Kingdom (44 per cent) and Australia/New Zealand (32 per cent) also have under half their institutions reporting compliance.


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