Valicert Supports Local Government Online Administration In Spain

The public administration of Asturias (Asturias Principality Administration (APA)) has selected Valicert’s Validation Authority to incorporate digital certificates into over 800 administrative processes. The software verifies the identity and authorization of all parties in an electronic transaction and confirms the integrity of transmitted data. Authenticated users can access information and services electronically, using a digital certificate from any Certificate Authority (CA) whose policies have been approved by the APA. Internet-based administration should reduce data processing errors and shorten transaction time from weeks to hours. The APA estimates that it will perform 500,000 validations per year with the new system. Ignacio Díaz, adviser to the Government of Asturias, explained why the solution was necessary: ‘Digital certificates are one of the key tools we will be using to open our services to our citizens via the Internet. We needed a digital certificate validation solution with the flexibility to work with any CA and validation protocol, and the scalability to accommodate a large number of requests.’


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