Egg Implements Eiger Systems’ Validation Solution

Eiger Systems, a supplier of bank validation applications and data, has announced that Egg with be its first client for BANK WIZARD International. The platform will be used by Egg to automatically validate the bank, branch and account data input by customers setting up direct debits on their accounts. At the same time, Eiger Systems announced the release of three new modules for BANK WIZARD International supporting Spain, Netherlands and Portugal. This extends the coverage of BANK WIZARD International beyond the initial release for Germany, France, Belgium and Italy. Comprising a software application and a regularly updated database of bank details, BANK WIZARD International validates sort codes and account numbers, taking into account all the complexities of the different formats, rules, and modulus checking required for each different country. In addition, BANK WIZARD International validates account numbers input in the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) format.


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