SEB Kort Secures E-Commerce Payments

SEB Kort, through its redemption unit Euroline, has become the first organisation in Sweden to offer 3DSecure, a new customer-friendly standard for secure credit card payments via e-commerce. The introduction of the system will allow shops, travel agencies, tickets and events companies to offer their customers the possibility to pay with credit cards on the Internet in a safe and simple manner. 3DSecure allows the card company to identify and approve the buyer, after which, the shop is guaranteed payment from Euroline. 3DSecure functions in such a way that when the customer wants to pay, he/she has to state his/her card number. With the use of coded communication, the information is confirmed by the card company through a special security server. The customer identifies himself/herself with a password, then the bank verifies this information, and the seller gets the okay signal to carry out the purchase.


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