SimCorp Bids to Revolutionise TMS Market

SimCorp is planning to undercut rival vendors with the release of IT/2 Choice, the first corporate treasury management solution available with a free two months’ trial and without the charge of an initial license fee. The new service offers the same range of functionality as SimCorp’s flagship IT/2 system, but deliberately targets corporates that have previously shied away from the high licence fees and add-on consultancy and implementation costs traditionally associated with purchasing a TMS. SimCorp say they are able to do this by reducing their own cost of sale and passing the savings to customers. IT/2 Choice modules can be ordered on a trial basis from SimCorp’s website; if the trial is successful, an implementation and maintenance fee, but no license fee, is levied. Patrick Coleman, director of sales and marketing for SimCorp IT/2, said: ‘Like everyone else, we have traditionally gone through a long sales process, which is costly for both parties and the purchaser gets only a demonstration of the system. We are now so sure that treasurers will be convinced by the immediate benefits once they have tried IT/2 Choice that they will want to have it fully implemented.’


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