IT/2 version 5.0: New User Interface, Web Front-End Module

The latest release of SimCorp’s corporate treasury management system, IT/2 version 5.0, incorporates ‘ fundamental’ changes to the system’s look and feel as well as its internet capability. As well as a new user interface, ‘Treasury Workspace’, and a new web front-end module, called IT/2 NET, the new release include enhancements to IT/2’s reconciliation and limits facilities. IT/2 NET enabling subsidiary users to communicate securely to central treasury, such items as deal requests, cash planning and netting invoices. Subsidiary can also run reports from the central treasury over a company’s own intranet, via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or over the public internet, using a standard web browser. Treasury Workspace is deigned to provide the user with instant access to a range of information and different applications from within a single screen. This allows the treasurer to view documents and frequently-used applications simultaneously on one screen.


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