Moody’s Names Jonas To Head Accounting Initiative

Gregory J. Jonas will join Moody’s Investors Service as managing director in charge of the firm’s accounting and financial reporting specialists program. Moody’s launched the program in June in an attempt to deepen the insight of its credit analysis by helping evaluate and interpret borrowers’ financial reporting. Jonas joins from Arthur Andersen, where he led the technical functions that supported Andersen’s worldwide assurance practice. ‘Credit analysis has become more challenging as the complexity of transactions, financial instruments and financial reporting has dramatically increased. Further, investors expect that rating agencies will look more closely behind the numbers in light of recent instances of questionable corporate reporting,’ said Christopher Mahoney, senior managing director and chairman of Moody’s Credit Policy Committee. ‘The accounting specialists program is helping us to manage that complexity and meet investors’ expectations.’ Accounting specialists will participate in rating review meetings with borrowers, publish research on complex reporting topics and provide technical training to Moody’s other credit analysts.


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