IASB To Discuss Improvements To Financial Instruments Standards

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) will hold a series of public roundtable forums, beginning with the IASB’s Standards Advisory Council on 24-25 February and then, during the week of 10 March 2003, with respondents to the recent exposure draft on IAS 32 and 39, the existing standards related to accounting for financial instruments, in order to discuss the IASB’s proposed improvements to those standards. The IASB said the comments regarding the proposals contained in the improvements to IAS 32 and 39’represented a wide range of opinion and raised numerous questions’. It added that the roundtable discussions would provide an opportunity for those who have commented on the exposure drafts to expand upon, explain further, and discuss their views on the proposals with members of the IASB. The roundtable discussions will be held as a series of panels, hosted and chaired by IASB members. The IASB will invite all individuals and organisations that submitted comment letters, as well as other interested parties and experts.


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