New Pan-European Bank Account Validation Platform Launched

Eiger Systems, a leading supplier of bank validation applications and data, has launched BANK WIZARD International, which enables customers to validate bank details from a number of different European countries within a single application. Comprising a software application and a frequently updated database of bank details, BANK WIZARD International validates sort codes and account numbers, taking account of all the complexities of the different formats, rules, and modulus checking required for each country. According to Eiger, its in-depth knowledge of the domestic banking systems enables BANK WIZARD International to ‘surpass the limited validation’ incorporated in International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs). As well as banks, information on co-operatives, credit unions and savings societies is also included. The software is available as an integrated component in a customer application accessed via an API, as a standalone product configured to validate data in real time or batch mode, or as part of a web-based service utilising an Internet toolkit.


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