Exchanges Sign Up With Radianz

The Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX), Boston Stock Exchange (BSE) and Bourse de Montréal have all signed up to connect to Radianz’s global financial extranet, RadianzNet RadianzNet will give CHX-member firms, globally, an IP option for accessing CHX’s MAX automated trading system and other CHX services. RadianzNet also will provide floor traders stationed at the Exchange with electronic access to their firm’s intranet and the multitude of other service providers connected to RadianzNet. The Boston Stock Exchange (BSE) to provide Internet Protocol (IP) network connectivity to BEACON, the BSE’s fully integrated communications, order-routing and trading system. Radianz’s global financial extranet, RadianzNet, will enable the BSE to link an extended network of financial institutions worldwide. Bourse de Montréal plans to use Radianz’s global financial extranet, RadianzNet, to connect brokers in the United States and Canada to the exchange’s electronic trading system.


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