Bank Thai Selects FNX’s Sierra Treasury Solution

Bangkok-based Bank Thai is to deploy its Sierra Treasury solution for use in the bank’s treasury department. Bank Thai personnel will utilize Sierra Treasury for a variety of functions: trading, accounting, risk management, and general ledger processing. FNX’s Sierra Treasury product has been built with ‘three-way STP’ – which encompasses three distinctive aspects of the system’s operation. The first applies to the traditional concept behind straight through processing, where a solution is able to process a transaction through its entire lifecycle. The second aspect of three-way STP describes the system’s ability to support a variety of financial products, meaning that a client need only utilize one solution to process diverse financial instruments. The third aspect of three-way STP focuses on a client’s ability to deploy the system’s across a variety of different physical locations or branches and yet view the daily operations, transactions, risk exposure, etc. for the entire organization as a unified whole.


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