Avnet Selects XRT to Implement International Treasury Platform

Fortune 500 firm Avnet has chosen XRT to implement a new international platform covering cash, treasury, risk management and banking connectivity. The semiconductor and component distributor will roll out the solution at three sites, starting in Brussels, then moving on to Phoenix, Arizona, and Singapore. ‘The platform will ensure the full integration of Avnet cash and treasury activities throughout the organisation in order to streamline, secure and automate its financial flows’, said XRT. ‘Twenty-five Avnet subsidiaries will now have access to the Treasury platform via the C-Globe$ module in an Intranet environment,’ said Joseph Burke, Vice President & Treasurer, Avnet Corporate Services Group. Interfaced with SAP’s ERP and other financial systems, the solution is designed to enhance integration between the accounting and treasury systems, as well as allowing access to Bloomberg market data.


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