Reval Adds BMA Swaps to New Release of HedgeRx

The latest release – Version 2.1 – of HedgeRxTM, Reval’s hedging management solution, adds BMA swaps to its broad coverage of derivative hedging products as well as other new risk management functionality, performance management tools and commodities module enhancements. BMA is a tax exempt floating rate index published by Municipal Market Data and is used as benchmark rate for municipal issuers and investors. Reval developed the BMA functionality in conjunction with RJ Capital Services (RJCS), a subsidiary of Raymond James, Inc, who will offer the services to its clients through its private label alliance with Reval. As part of this alliance, RJCS assisted Reval in the development and testing of this new module. ‘We are very pleased with the breadth of capabilities this new module provides and excited about the value BMA functionality will bring to our customers,’ explained John LeCompte, head of Interest Rate Swaps at RJCS. RJCS offers HedgeRx under its own brand Hedge ProfessorTM.


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