Singapore Dollar Money Market Fund Launched by JPMorgan Chase And OCBC Asset Management

JPMorgan Chase and OCBC Asset Management have launched a new open-ended, Singapore Dollar unit trust fund called the SGD Yield Enhanced Money Market Fund. Aimed at regional companies, insurance and pension funds, the new Fund offers ‘more stable returns than volatile equity investments in the current volatile economic environment’. The Fund, which will be managed exclusively by OCBCAM, with JPMorgan Treasury Services as sole distributor, will invest in high-quality short-term money market instruments and debt securities. These investment instruments include government and corporate bonds, government and commercial bills, floating and variable rate notes, asset-backed securities, repurchase agreements and deposits with financial institutions. All will be denominated in Singapore dollars. The minimum initial subscription and holding amount for investing in the fund is S$200,000, and subsequent subscriptions need to be at least S$50,000 with no preliminary and realization charges.


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