New ‘Toolkit’ Aims To Reduce Enterprise Application Integration and Web Services Costs

TradeCard, Inc, the financial supply chain service provider, has launched a new toolkit to help companies lower their Enterprise Application Integration and Web Services costs. The new service consists of specialized software, a set of methodologies and proven customer examples that all work to connect all parties within the supply chain. TradeCard accommodates a company’s existing secure communication methodology and infrastructure via its EDI VAN adapters and secure standards adapters such as AS2 enabling quick and seamless connectivity to the TradeCard network. Through the TradeCard e-Commerce Agent and e-Commerce Toolkit, companies without a secure messaging infrastructure can enable secure two-way file exchanges that allow direct system-to-system messaging between trading partners across the globe. In addition, TradeCard has a set of pre-built integration models that help facilitate integration with companies using systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Baan, Ariba, CommerceOne, i2 and other proprietary solutions.


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