Global Treasury Management System Use Takes Off – Survey

According to new research by Greenwich Associates, 44% of the world’s largest institutional treasurers report using some type of treasury management system (TMS) by the start of 2002, up from 36% 12 months before. Nearly half (48%) of all large corporations use TMS’s, also up from 36%. The trend is particularly pronounced among institutions with over $10 billion in annual foreign exchange trading volume, where the percentage rose from 44% at the end of 2000 to 53% at the end of 2001. More than half of institutions trading between $1-10 billion uses a TMS as well. Greenwich research revealed that SunGard has the most users by far of any single system, and particularly among corporate users, another area of growth in 2001. But several systems with smaller client bases enjoy higher levels of customer satisfaction, specifically XRT-CERG, IntegraT, Simcorp, Chase Insight, and other providers of specialized foreign exchange and risk management software, including Fxpress and Financial CAD.


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