Currenex Launches Global Multibank Online Loans & Deposits Service

Currenex®, Inc., the online global currency exchange, has launched its new online Loans and Deposits trading capability, combining both money market and foreign exchange asset classes on the same online service. This new capability makes Currenex the first multibank foreign exchange platform to expand its services into the money market asset class, the firm said, providing corporations and funds with the ability to control more of their treasury transactions from one service ‘with maximum ease-of-use, risk management and operational efficiency’. ‘We’ve already completed numerous transactions on the Currenex service and have found that it saves time and improves auditability,’ said Rudi Merckx, Treasurer of Buhrmann Europcenter, the Belgian Coordination Center of Buhrmann. ‘We have a more extensive range of prices for both foreign exchange and loans and deposits to conduct our financial operations and risk management. We have seen a 30% improvement in efficiency in the first week. Loans and Deposits adds to the platform allowing us to consolidate more of our trading activities.’


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