Treasury Management Systems Market Continues to Grow – Greenwich

According to Greenwich Associates’ latest global study, 44% of the world’s largest institutional treasurers were using some type of treasury management system by year-end 2001, including simple bank systems, more complex treasury management systems, and highly-sophisticated enterprise resource planning systems, up from 36% in year-end 2000. The uptake has become even more pronounced among the largest institutions. Over half of the institutions that trade $1 billion or more in foreign exchange products are using TMSs. 48% of corporate institutions (up from 36%) and 35% of financial institutions (from 33%) use TMS, with banks (53%) and treasury centers (93%) showing the highest levels of uptake. A smattering of governmental agencies also reported strong TMS adoption, with 54% of them so active. Greenwich added that although some names reappear in the top ten lists of system providers in various markets, few systems are globally dominant.


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