Pricewaterhousecoopers Publishes New Study On Treasury & Risk Management Systems

PricewaterhouseCoopers Netherlands has recently conducted a large, in-depth study of leading international treasury and risk management systems. All the data on the 27 systems studied has been compiled in one substantial volume and put on CD-ROM for easy reference and analysis. PwC compiled ‘an extensive and thorough questionnaire’ of more than 1,700 questions especially for this study, and asked suppliers of treasury and risk management systems to complete it. The respondents were then invited to show their system for screening purposes to provide PwC with more objective data that was suitable for comparison. In addition to details about suppliers and packages, the publication contains separate sections about trade management, operations, cash management, market risk, credit risk, accounting and the technology underlying the systems. There are also sections on Security and Application Service Providers (ASP), as well as a large section on the financial instruments the packages can handle. A large number of suppliers, both to corporate clients and to the financial sector, have participated in the study, such as Reuters, SunGard, Integrity, Misys, SAP, Simcorp, Summit, Trema, XRT and Exidio.


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